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Coming all the way from Virgin-IA to kick my hairy you know what –is authoress KL Hall. Since this is a worldwide magazine I will keep it short but sweet. KL hall is not your average author who is sitting back waiting quietly for an interview.

KL_Hall_Promo_shotContrarily, she’s one known to take the bull by the horns, beat him half to death, and turn his askmewhat into Porterhouse steaks, along with a side of beef ribs. (That’s what we ate, a bull she killed with her very own hands while at the same time making Oven Toaster Pop Tarts for breakfast.) Yes, she’s fairly new to the scene of Urban Fiction. However, she’s not from the hood but she knows the hood —understood?

Well, neither did I until my team and I took the time to finally chat it up about her upcoming success, her overcomings, and how she feels about not being from the hood and yet knowing the hood. Confused?
So was I. Hey, but read on… KL is about as tough as one gets.

Here’s The Lowdown

iURBAN.ORG: Hello, KL we see that since you are still fairly young we are going to take easy with you. So just relax. Are you ready?

KL HALL: I’m ready, let’s get this party started! Haha.

Ok, we will accept that. Now, can you please tell us how long you have had this problem?

Um, what?

We knew you would play dumb and ask us what. You know damn well what we are talking about Miss, so just let us have it. Why are you mad at us? It is it because you waited so long for this interview, or is it because my underarms smell like raw onions with a touch of rotten cabbage? (Note for the purpose of this interview I have chosen not to shower for three days while conducting this interview with KL, because hey you never know. I’m too sexy for my shirt…)

So that’s what that smell was! I wasn’t trying to be rude but DAMN! Anybody got any Febreeze in here? Haha, I’m just kidding. But seriously, I’m not mad at you all, I’ve just been waiting for what seems like forever, but my time has come and I’m going to enjoy everyDiary_Hood_Princess_3 second of this interview.

Tell us about where you are from, and what section of the nation are you representing as an author who paints poetical pictures with words full of amazement?

I’m from Virginia, (Two Up Two Down!) So I do believe I’m repping the southeast part of the nation.
We know that every author has a number one fan who may even be a kindred.

What would you tell that person if they were with us here and now?

I would definitely tell her thank you for your unwavering support from the beginning to the end.

How many books have you written, and what was the inspiration behind each one other than, I like to write books so I wroted some? Note that wroted some is not a typo. It is an urban expression from my illiterate days. Ahhh, the power of the federal system in education.

Haha, I currently have six books published. The first two are erotic short stories, Bi-Curious, and House of Cards. The next three are my first published series, Diary of a Hood Princess, and I also have a story in an anthology book titled, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Boss: Vegas. Overall, I think people read to be enthused. They want to take a ride with the author, and they want that ride to be thrilling from beginning to end, so that’s the basis for all six books. There’s a little something for everyone in each of my stories.

Who is your favorite character of all, and which series out of all you have published is your favorite thus far and why?

Hands down my favorite character is Justice from the Diary of a Hood Princess series. He’s one of those people who seems so one-sided, but he’s multidimensional, but will only let the right person see different sides of him. He’s a character that I can play around with and say, “Now would Justice say that? How would he react?” and because of that, he’s my favorite, and a lot of my readers’ favorites too!

I know that we have spoken on a few occasions, and I would like to know how did your close friends and family feel about your Short Bi-Curious? Did your mother scream out, “Oh Laaaawd! Help me! Remove these demonic demons from my baby girl’s head before I backslap her back into righteousness…LOL!

Haha, surprisingly it wasn’t a bad reaction. She knows I’m grown, and just because I write about certain things doesn’t mean I’m out here orchestrating orgies every night, haha. Surprisingly, a lot of people really enjoyed Bi-Curious, despite its length, so I will be releasing a part two sometime in 2015.

How is your current relationship with your Publishing House meaning, is it everything you expected? Were there times you sat back and said, “Why did I ever sign this contract? I could’ve made more money panhandling at my local waterhole?” Or were your expectations more realistic as to where you have a set path which works hand in hand with your Publishing House Blaque Diamond Publications?

The way Blaque Diamond Publications is run is strictly business. My publisher has always been very professional, but has never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do, so I will say that my current relationship with my publishing house is good. Of course, everyone under someone has some hopes to branch out and spread their wings one day, and I am no different. Blaque Diamond has done exactly what I needed them to do since coming to them last October, which was helping to build my brand and get my name out there.

How many book signings have you done thus far, and did they turn out as expected? Like for example, my first book signing was at my mother’s house. She was excited and so was I. However, imagine the look on my face when I walked inside and saw my mother’s living room filled with thirty old souls who were bitching that the price of my novels was too high. A few even dozed off while I read a complimentary excerpt, and one kept gnawing at my arms with her gums telling me what she would do to me if she were twenty years younger. Some things she said I don’t believe are even possible. Nevertheless, I became livid. I made a phone call to my ace-boon-coon Mustajab and we rectified the situation. Let’s just say that when we left, I was able to fill my fridge on the account of Food off of stamp vouchers, sold two stainless steel walkers, three polished walking canes, and one electric wheelchair for a total amount of 1,000 dollars. Yes, I wasn’t proud of what had to come of the situation. But sometimes authors have to be creative outside of the books.

Hahaha, hilarious story! But I’ve done three book signings, two during a southeastern author’s expo at a mall and one at an African-American festival. I was nervous as all get out, especially being out there on my own with no family around to sit with me. I remember having one man come up to my table, read my book cover (Diary of a Hood Princess) then asked, “So what hood are you from?”

I said, “Excuse me?”

He’s like, “Your book says hood princess, so what hood are you from?”

I said, “Oh, no I’m not from any hood.”

He goes, “Well if you ain’t from the hood then I can’t buy your book then.”

I tried not to take offense to it only because it didn’t make sense to me. I figured I didn’t have to be from a “hood” to have the word in my title. That’s like saying that you have to be a stone cold killer from the bayou to write about assassins in your book. I think overall, although I didn’t wipe the shelves clean with book sales, I met a lot of great people, made some new fans and sold enough to put a smile on my face. As long as I get out more than what I put in, I’m good.

So, tell us here at The Urb what’s the craziest thing you have experienced since being an author, and have the people of Virginia shown you the support you expected to receive?

I think one of the craziest things is just some of the messages I get on my author Facebook. It’s just plain weird sometimes with some of the things that come out of people’s mouths. I can say that the people of Virginia have shown support, of course, I would like more, but I’m still growing as a writer and growing my brand, so I’m hoping more support will come in the future.

What advice do you have for up-n-coming authors besides not using your computer while taking a shower as I once did? And yes, it was plugged up. I would describe the experience as shocking but you might laugh so don’t quote me?

My advice, like it is to a lot of people would be to not do it for the money. You really have to love what you do, love telling stories and love interacting with people FIRST. If you come into the writing game simply to “get rich quick” just go ahead and wipe that idea from your pretty little head now. You definitely have to build yourself up and your brand before you can even begin to build your wallet.
What future projects are you working on, and where do you see yourself in let’s say five years or so?

I want 2015 to be as successful, if not even more successful than 2014 has been. I released three books this year, so my goal is to top that. I have so many great books that I’ve started, that I’m hoping to really put out there next year. Although I’m not giving away any titles, there will be a book out that focuses on Justice’s life before the Diary of a Hood Princess series began, so stay tuned for that!
Like for instance, I see myself hanging out with Stephen King and Dean Koontz discussing our next novel entitle When I Want To Read A Novel I Write One. We will also have our own caterer’s, weigh 500 pounds each from eating Annabella’s Banana crème pies, and won’t care because we are filthy rich. What sayeth ye?

All I can say is “Teamwork makes the dream work” hahaha.

Name another author whom you greatly admire? And what others have had a direct influence on how you have honed our craft today?
I started out reading Zane books, she was the first urban lit author I ever read, and her books opened up a whole new world to me, they made reading fun again. That’s what I want to do. I want people to read my books not because they feel as if they have to, but because they want to because they know that they’re in for a good time, and a good time is definitely what you’ll get.
What genre do you specifically like to write and why?

I bounce in between romance/erotica and general urban literature. For one, I have never seen anything wrong with a good sex scene, or two. And Two, I love urban literature.

What makes KL different from other authors of your genre?

Being that there are so many authors in my genre, I can say that one of the things that set me apart is my willingness to learn, teach and be taught. I think there are a lot of people out there who think just because they’ve written a book that they deem credible enough to publish, that they know all there is to know about writing and publishing when that is nowhere near the case. I love reviews, (the good ones more than the bad ones of course) but reviews nonetheless. They help me grow. This author life is all about progression and growth, and that’s what I’m hell bent on doing.

Any last words?

I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you. I’ve had a great time. Definitely shared some laughs throughout, and I hope we can do it again!

If you would like to find out more about KL Hall you can visit her website.

Au Revoir Biaatches!

[intense_person template=”left” image=”1285″ imageshadow=”4″ name=”KL Hall” title=”Author Bio”] K.L. Hall is an African-American contemporary fiction author from Virginia. She has published five books to date and has ghostwritten on other projects related to her fiction works.[/intense_person]

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