Sex Talk with The Urb

Battle Of The Sexes

Is he/she working with that good-good?

Have you ever been put into an awkward conversation between your girl and her man, or your boy and his wife? It always seems like something like this is happening to me. Please,tell me if you can relate.

woman-lollipopLast night I was out with a group of friends, a mix of girls and guys. My cousin was one of the girls. She’d brought along two of her friends, and we were all there with our men. We were all sipping drinks and having a good time. Pretty normal night. One thing I didn’t expect to happen was for my cousin’s husband to haul off and say if he doesn’t get off within 5 minutes of having sex with a woman, her box was no good.

What did he say that for? It was an all out war after that.

Men and women are always talking about how good their stuff is. How what’s between their legs is the epitome of busting quick madness. How they won’t sleep with woman again if what she has is what they’ve certified to be no good. But fellas, I have but one question for you…

What makes a woman good down there?
A. Tightness
B. Wetness

Ladies, why are men always trying to judge what we have, when they don’t want us to talk about what they are working with? Or lack thereof.

What makes them a man good?

A. Size
B. Stroke

What’s the killer of a man or woman having good sex between their legs?

Drop a comment below with your vote.

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