Controversial Diplomat

Big Head Syndrome

There’s a troubling question that seems to plague me ever since I have chosen to become an author. It’s degenerative disease called the Big Head Syndrome. How did it come into existence?

buryyourheadThis syndrome seems to be a very contagious disease that has affected waves of newbie authors who can’t seem to distinguish reality from fantasy. Many times I seek to help others but often find a lack of good material.
Many of their stories that are rushed, lack plots, or are just plain tiresome. In addition to the previous, many of these books are poorly written and formatted, or otherwise. Most authors I speak with can’t even define what a TOC is, and why it is needed in their eBooks. This saddens my heart. However, someone needs to address these issues if we are to improve as a whole.

Consequently, I tip my hat to the graphic designers within the publishing industry such as Michael Horne, and Natasha Miller. Many of the book covers are nice. Contrarily, it saddens my heart to have to say that the covers are often the best part of the books.

Having spoken to numerous authors who seem to think that being on Facebook and selling a few copies of their books somehow makes them a celebrity. I ask them privately on more than a few occasions:

Q. How do you plan on promoting your books?

A. Facebook of course! That what my FB publisher tells me.

Do you have an advertising budget?

Who needs a budget when FB is free.

Where can I contact you?

FB of course!

Have you done any interviews that I can read?

I did one on FB in one of the book clubs but it’s probably gone by now.

Have you done any book signings, toured, or have any book trailers I can see?

It’s all on FB as I said. Thus far I have sold 300 Ebooks at .99 (17) cents each. Enough for a few things on the dollar menu at McDonald’s. (At least no one’s starving, I think).

How many times do you have to post per day on FB?

I post three times per day to over 200 groups per session.

Have you any accolades, etc?

I was nominated by one of the book club groups who said my book was great!

End Of Story!

And there you have it folks, my interview from some of the bestselling FB authors.

Now, if you are an author reading this. I want you to repeat this out loud because if you don’t venture outside the matrix of FB this will be your future. Repeat these words aloud. Tell those whom you meet these exact words, “What do you mean that I’m not successful? Please, I‘m a bestselling Facebook author.”

Please feel free to let us know about the exciting reactions you get back from your supporters!

However, they are only deceiving themselves. Being a best-selling author under a false pretense is not, nor will ever be a roadmap for success. Many seem to want others to promote their books for a free and will not even send those who bend over backwards for them a simple thank you.

When I first set out to build I had high hopes that many authors would flock to the site being that it provided them with a professional platform where they could promote their books. I even made advertising very affordable for those who desire to put a little extra into promoting their own.

Sadly, I have seen many who do half-ass profiles; meaning they don’t even fill out the basic information such as their own websites, etc…eBooks. Many don’t leave a unique excerpt, but only a synopsis. Are you serious? Or is your name Jerome Dickey or Maya Angelou? Am I missing something here?