Death’s Instruction by Ashley Conn

Life is a road that has many directions, We all don’t take the safest ones

We stepped out on dares, erased fears, stepped out on prayers

Cried thru pains, searched for random reasons

Hopeful someone would help, be there, if only for a season

People being in your life is only temporary

When they leave it they will leave you alone and heavy

Your world will turn around, speeding , making you dizzy

Eyes won’t stop crying, your heart begging and pleading

That loved one you get to say goodbye to

Is doing the same in another way that’s tough to do

They see you live your life in hope that one day

You will make the right choices and won’t let heartache lead the way

Don’t follow the trends, leading yourself to somewhere else

Handle the cards that life has dealt

If you need to cry and scream for hours if the need be

But remember to always fall to your knees

And when the time comes life will end

The story then will be

Just for you to know that death is a passing journey

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