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Empire: The Lyon Has Roared

Can you say, Off the Chain!? Because I sure can. After watching the Fox hit series Empire I never would have thought that my favorite character on the show would be a homosexual-gangster-slash corporate Vice President and multi-talented singer.

Yeah-yeah-yeah, there’s no homo here. However, anyone with half a brain knows that the role of Jamal Lyon played by Jussie Smollett is a killer role. Personally, I don’t know what his real life-choice is when it comes to his personal sex life, and frankly, it shouldn’t be a concern to most of you unless you plan on visiting him inside of his bedroom.

Tonight’s episodes 11 and 12, Die But Once, and Who Am I? (Like the title of my first book) were both Hell on Wheels to say the least. Smollet, in my opinion, deserves several acting awards. Because in my opinion, I could never find the strength inside to slap balls with another man no matter how much green was lying on the table. Neither can I be judgmental having done worse in life such as Jamal pointed out during the battle with that whack ass rapper at the club whose name slips my mind at the moment.

I mean the show has all of the elements which make it one to remember for African Americans which reminds me oftarijiphenson the show Dallas. Terrance Howard slew them with his conniving portrayal of Lucius Lyons who will stop at nothing to succeed.

Cookie his fallen queen played by Taraji P. Henson delivered a devastating right hook, uppercuts, and a nice choke-hold to the light-bright-witch of Empire; Anika Calhoun played by Grace Gealey with her scandalous baby-milking cougar tactics on Hakeem the bratty, arrogant son of Lucius.

As we thought the show couldn’t get any better after the shocking confession of Lucius admitting to having fathered his homosexual son’s daughter from a failed marriage. Outcomes super-badass Jamal pulling gangster moves better than Suge Knight did on Vanilla Ice or Big Red of the Five Heartbeats 1991. Jamal made killer moves like the silent G in Lasagna and struck a hard blow against his father’s nemesis like a two-ton rock being thrown at the chest of King Kong. Perhaps next season when Lucius is out and about will dig up another bag of bones that are worth their weight in gold.

In addition to the above, no matter what anyone says… in the end, all the actors have played a helluva role including the schizophrenic son (Andre) played by Trai Bryers and his manipulative, controlling, greedy wife who tries to pit family against family for the love of money.

What may be controversial to many is that I think Lucius despite being evil, and narcissistic may indeed have the best interest at heart for his family to keep moving on up like the Jefferson’s did in the late 70’s. Albeit, on the wrong side of the tracks. Lucius coming from the jungles of the streets of Philly refuses to let his guard down. The sad part is that what he wants to give to his family; Wealth and Power are the very things which are tearing them apart.

Despite all the drama, I truly feel Jamal stole the show, and in closing, I know every homosexual in America will be soon coming out the closet and waving their rainbow flags calling out all the homophobic hating guys who may in fact get a visit from the wannabe Jamal Lyons out there in the real world. Kudos to Jamal Smollet for breaking down the homophobic barriers of those who are not willing to accept people for who they are. For in life being gay does not give others the right to mistreat others who do not embrace the norms of society despite the fact that I do note condone such a lifestyle.

If you have missed the latest episodes. You can catch them here. 

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