Forgive Me by Stevie Canada

As a young teenager, I did something that plays on my mind until this very day! I was 17 years old and I had just moved temporarily to the state of New Jersey, away from my hometown in PA. Back then,  I was running wilder than a pack of ravenous hyenas stalking a gazelle on the plains of the Serengeti. Having no j-o-b I was as broke as a shattered lightbulb that had blown to a million pieces. One day as I walked to a local store in the city of Plainfield along with two of my cousins. I saw an elderly lady and decided to snatch her pocketbook after she looked at us and began clutching her purse as though we were a band of thieves even though my youngest cousin was barely even ten at the time.
As we made eye contact the lady yelled, I know what you are up too, and you better go.” I became enraged by her statement and I snatched her bag. However, as I did so, she pulled it back and hit me in the head really hard. Consequently, in doing so, she slipped and fell breaking her arm. That day it had snowed pretty bad the previous day, and there were patches of ice on the ground. At the time, I laughed, and to my ridicule when I opened the purse there was but a few dollars in food stamps and less that a dollar in change. Later, I felt so sad by my actions.

Today, I am a different man from the young menace I was then, and this incident has compelled me to write a poem about it, for I seek refuge in my poetry and I express myself through words of comfort… And if you have ever had a past such as I have you can change. I know these words can never undo the damage I had done but it is good to know that I have made the necessary changes in my life to become a better man, and so can you.

Forgive Me

Forgive Me A little old lady, who never lived in a shoe…

I apologize deeply, for what I did to you.

I was very very young and didn’t care what I had done…rose

I often took pleasure, in hurting people for fun.

Now I am all grown up, and I feel sad for my crimes…

If I could take it back, I’d do it a hundred times.

I was simply a bully, a coward back then…

So please forgive me, and become my friend.

As I look back, realizing I was lost…

My life was a living hell, and it was only my fault.

You were oh so sweet and filled with much charm…

I am so very sorry, that I broke your arm.

Who am I to take things, and to treat people so bad…

Perhaps it was hate, and a love I never had If I knew then, what I suddenly know now…

I would have never been a burden, in that New Jersey town.

I am sorry Miss, will you please forgive me…

I surrender to you, my most deepest apology!

Sincerely, Stevie Canada, Sr.

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