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Get A New Charge In Life with Bluboon

Hey tech fans, have I found something neat for you. There’s a way that you can turn your current phone into one that can be wirelessly charged for about twenty bucks. Yes, getting a charge in life has just gotten easier. Well, at least for your cellphone that is using Bluboon (the item on the left); which provides a new way to get your phone all charged up. Being that wireless charging is becoming the way to go nowadays.
Despite the advance of technology, many cellphone manufactures have yet to take the bold leap and provide their customers with the option of whether or not to go cordless.

Although a few have such as the LG G3, and the Google’s Nexus brand phones are among a few that come with wireless charging built in many popular phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC M8 do not. But don’t fret with Bluboon you will conveniently be able to charge your phone like the other cool guys who own cellies with built in wireless charging.

No longer will you have to fumble around in the dark trying to plug your charger into your micro USB port or worry about finding your cord. ‘Just set itbluboonqicharger and go’, will be your new charging motto. However the Bluboon is not a stand alone product. Although it serves perfectly as a replacement for expensive, bulky charging induction plates which often cramp your style. Whereas many of these items will add bulk to your streamlined device, Bluboon will not. Bluboon is a very thin and powerful inductive device that can easily be hidden underneath your phone’s protective plate. All you have to do is plug the adapter into your USB port, make sure that ypur appendage  stays in place and your phone will be capable of wireless charging provided you have a Qi (Pronounced Chee) wireless charging base on which to set your phone. Click the link and get the one shown on the left for around 5.99 as it is on sale. Most Qi bases are priced fairly reasonable and you can order both by simply clicking the icons within this article.
In conclusion, for those of you who do not want to stick anything in your USB port there are other options such as the PowerBot PB1140-S3 Qi Enabled Standard Wireless Charging Receiver Card Qi Compatible Inductive Charger that has a 0.5mm Coil Tag for Samsung Galaxy S3 III i9300 i9305, and is compatible with your  AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile versions which can easily be purchased at and elsewhere. The great thing you will learn is that using these items are simple and fast. You can also buy charging bases that have nano gluelike technology such as the Cubed Mount Qi Wireless Charging device that will keep hold of your phone as though it were being held by Spiderman to say the least. So if you are hard-pressed for time and need some juice in your mouthpiece without having to plug in a wall charger.

Check out these options and leave a comment of how it worked out for you.