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Hell Hath No Fury

[intense_dropcap]O [/intense_dropcap]UCH! I believe is an understatement within this story! Talk about Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!! Is this revenge that has gone too far?? Two jilted women who were flirted with by the same man decided to get together and get revenge on the would-be-Casanova.

After conspiring together the two women decided to drug the man with rupies, dress him up in women’s clothes, covered him with tanning spray, and applied makeup on his face like a mascaraed ballerina at a Halloween Ball, and take pictures of their handy work. Afterward, the women left at the scene of the incident.

However, if that wasn’t enough; the two women also crazy glued, yes CRAZY GLUED his penis to his thigh and followed up atrociously by gluing pink feathers to his genitalia. (At least they didn’t go out Lorena Bobbitt style and cut it off!!)

Although this man’s actions may have been sad and as despicable as they come, this man’s actions may also appear to be in most of our eyes an abomination that is absolutely unforgivable. Especially to most women who have suffered pain and heartache by being cheated on at least once in our lives.
Look… I’m a woman too, and I am bending over in pain as I type. Whatever happened to the good old days of turning off a man’s utilities or flattening a few tires? Hell, even busting windows out of one’s car is considered the norm when exacting revenge on a cheating ex. But, I have to ask the question, “Is it really worth being charged with a few felonies just to get a person back for cheating on or rejecting you?

Or, is retaliating by inducing physical pain on someone’s genitalia really going to equal out whatever emotional or mental pain you feel you’ve endured?”
The fact of the matter as I see it is that no amount of physical torture is going to change whatever this person has done to you. It won’t make him or her cheating on you change that physical act. It won’t make them feel any worse about what they have done to you and it will only lead to bigger issues in the long run — like a possible criminal record, probation, or financial restitution being paid to the person you are trying to get back at along with you completely making an ass out of yourself.

The women who were best friends were convicted of sexual assault, false imprisonment, causing bodily harm and violating the narcotics laws. They each received a 14-month SUSPENDED sentence in addition to 3 years’ probation.
Not one being biased, I’m a firm believer that justice and righteousness should be meted out equally among genders. With that being said I have to also ask, had this situation been reversed and if two men had done acts similar to a female and glued her hands to her breasts, or glued her vaginal lips together and basically tarred and feathered her (one of the perpetrators of the crime) would they not have been charged with way more serious charges?

And, would they not have been serving some serious time! Do I smell a double standard?
You tell me. Please feel free to comment on this article I look forward to hearing from you all.
Lady~D The Pen Slayer…

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