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Is Faking It Wrong?

When it comes to being fake our question is, Who’s really keeping it real these days?Excalibur wrist watch From fake eyebrows to tummy tucks, fake nails, plastic surgery, bras that lift that which severely sags, butt injections, steroids, hair transplants, fake hair color and then some. Seems like faking it seems real nowadays. Who’s really real? I ask.When it comes to counterfeiting there are two sides of the coin in every story as we all know. There are essentially those who want and those who have.

Why U know Like Fakes?

Counterfeits and Knockoffs

Faking it just for the hell of it… Usually, those who have the cash they are well-off individuals who have the money to afford just about anything they want without faking it. They most assuredly can legitly ascertain certain luxuries in life which make a bold but subtle statement as to where they stand socially in society as far as wealth is concerned. Unfortunately for 95% of the rest of the populous, they are simply left out. Thus, this fashion trend has been going on since the days of the Messiah when the color purple was made from a certain type of mollusk. The dye was very expensive to make which instantly let everyone who saw the man or woman in purple know that they were caked up more than your local baker.

Simply put, a person’s social status would be known simply by the way he or she was dressed.

For example, have you seen this one-million-plus dollar watch above that is made primarily of silicon and has almost no jewels in it? Unlike some rappers who are often flashy and uncouth about how to tell their audiences “I’m rich b*tch!” as Dave Chappelle would say. There is a certain class of refined individuals who are often very subtle on how to send a message out to their peers about their wealth primarily through their fashion sense.

As in the case of fashion, it has one should primarily look for craftsmanship rather than the source of supply, or a receipt because even a crackhead can have access to something of value and not realize it. Yes, the elite seems to have it all.

On the flip side of the coin, we have those who want the luxuries but cannot afford them. Many do not want second-hand products due to the stigma associated with wearing something pre-owned by someone else which is truly ironic because people don’t feel the same about buying a second-hand vehicle, or clippers, etc.

For the most part, extremely low prices are sometimes a dead giveaway as to whether some articles of clothing or other high-end products may be authentic. The simple truth is no one is going to sell you a 5,000 dollar brand-new purse for under a hundred dollars, or an 800 dollar pair of jeans for 50 bucks. Sorry, Charlie and Megan-Sue but it just ain’t happening. One has to consider the costs involved in the manufacturing of a high-end product, markups, etc.

However, on the flip side, what many consumers don’t understand is, there’s a high-end markup that ranges from 2 to 5 times higher than the wholesale amount of the original amount originally paid by the retailers due to internal markups (sometimes) based on greed and/or to legitimate add-ons such as monthly rental fees, worker fees, taxes, utilities, shipping costs, etc. Having that store in a primary location will cost you a lot. Remember Park Place on Monopoly anyone?

Aside from that, as a consumer, you must educate yourself on how-and-when to buy. Many times you can save an average of 25% up to almost 90% off of retail value. Remember, just because it’s a hot brand doesn’t mean you can’t acquire something for cheap.

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Happy shopping everyone!

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