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Is Your Head In The Clouds?

headincloudsIs your head in the clouds like mine is? Hold up! Before you give an answer… Well, let me just say that if it isn’t, it should be. Especially, if you’re here hanging out on The Urb. What I mean is although is a great site where we can all socialize, share our thoughts, and so much more. Aside from that, being on this site can, and will take one to the stratosphere. You will go far, and beyond if you take heed. Therefore, follow us and put your head into the clouds such as we have here on The Urb, and climb to a less stressful environment where you will feel safe and secure knowing that your head is inside the clouds with us.

What the in the hell am I talking about, you are probably still wondering? Well, speaking in technical terms The Clouds I am speaking of are free, and paid digital services offered by mainstream companies such as Google’s; Google DriveMicrosoft’sOneDrive, and DropBox. These are three well-known services which can often prove to be life savers for the average layman as well as the all-time, seasoned, or otherwise veteran authors who often have at least one or more works stored on their computers, or other electronic devices.

For example, the number one reason your head should be in the clouds is virtual accessibility to all of your important documents; especially your manuscripts, and possibly photos as well. For everyone knows that next best hot-seller that you have on your hands will need a cover photo or two to grab your audience’s attention. Or, perhaps you’re just someone who likes to write or take pictures as a hobby on your cell phone or tablet. I would hate to see something happen such as you losing all your precious data if something causes your device to crash such as a water spill, a bad ass niece or nephew who decides they want to test out the whether or not your computer can withstand the pounding of that new Transformer doll, or give your screen a Black Barbie beat down. Or, your device could simply crash like an eighteen semi-wheeler with a half asleep, might as well be weed smoking pot-head brutha who just doesn’t give a flying hoot to where his vehicle ends up. Even if it’s in Tracy Morgan’s lap.  This type of crash will assuredly take your precious data with it on its trip to Cyber Heaven which in turn will become your living hell so to speak.

Nevertheless, having a cloud account can protect you from such a disastrous affair. This will also help you to better manage space on your computer devices. I’ve encountered plenty of people who complain about not having enough space on their tablets, phones, and computers. Whereas many of the above mentioned services such as the two Titans offer (Google, and Microsoft) offer up to fifteen gigabytes for free. Open two accounts, and you have thirty extra gigs. And, with each new account you can expand your vitally needed storage space exponentially with another fifteen gigs per account. And as long as you have access to Wi-Fi you will have no problem accessing your data which you can share with others by simply clicking a button.

Cloud Server is the digital realm is akin to an electric grid where instead of electricity travels from point A to point B, the flow of bits, and bytes of data are streamed from your home-base, or portable devices computer type devices, e.g.; Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets, to a stationary companies servers. These servers are made up of highlycloudfiling configured storage units. Basically, these are several static drives that can hold numerous terabytes, or more of information. These drives are neatly racked on top of one another in huge tower units within controlled environments that are kept at optimal temperatures to prevent overheating. Their  main purpose is to hold valuable information (videos, documents, pictures, etc.) uploaded by users who are plugged-in, or rather connected to The Hosting site such as either Google, or Microsoft. Meaning, you have to create an account in order to access these services. More than often, these servers are secure, and each individual has his or her own self-created password key in order to access their information. Many WordPress sites, in addition to sharing sites such as 4Shared, are prime examples of individuals using cloud services offered by hosting sites which have multiple users accessing huge amounts of public information on a daily basis.

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that cloud services are anything new. The concept and implementation of such began in the 1950’s decade according to Wikipedia. Since then technology, and so forth has simply been improved upon. Whereas one in the fifties would have needed several towers filled with static drives just to achieve the storage capacity of one terabyte. One can now easily for a few hundred dollars by a USB stick and get as much as up to two terabytes of digital data within their pockets. Although it’s not cheap, you would be walking around with a device that could hold enough information to obtain all the millions of books held in The Library of Congress, and then some. Nevertheless, you still wouldn’t have the advantages of having your information stored on a cloud server which is automatically backed up within their systems as well.

cloudAlso, where your normal files are usually formatted for one device, a cloud server has that same information which can be shared over multiple devices running different OS’s (Operating Systems) such as Android, Windows, iOS, or otherwise.

So the next time when you hear someone yelling, “Aye yo, a$$hole! Get your head out of the clouds!”

You just turn around with a smile and politely say, “Go eat a d!%K biaaatch! I’m in the clouds right now. You’re just mad you lost your ish!” LOL!

As always we invite your feedback. Let’s share our thoughts as we go into the clouds together and reach new heights together. Stay tuned for more tech tips as we keep it simple, and fun here on The Urb.

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