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Koshering Your DIEt Can Save Your Life

Are you eating Kosher? Did Rabbi Yakov Katz bless that piece of meat on your table before you stuck a fork in it and greedily shoved a gigantic piece of it in your greasy mouth the size of a small boulder while savagely salivating like a pack of wild hyenas which haven’t fed days on end?
We’ve all read or heard or read that so-called lame verse in the bible…particularly the one written in Leviticus chapter 11 saying thus, “You shall not eat the swine….”
With a fork in hand, you kindly close the book and say the Devil is a liar, because you’re preacher has declared all foods are now clean…kosher in a sense. As the Hebrew word for kosher (כָּשֵׁר) meaning; fit or proper for human consumption.

Despite the falsehood of eating whatsoever your heart desires… this myth is debunked in 2Cor. 6:17 (And is supported by health studies) which states…Touch not the unclean thing (Greek, Akathartos) and I will receive you…Your stomach wholeheartedly disagrees with the aforementioned statement while your nostrils are smelling fresh cooked bacon burgers, smothered chopped pork barbecue with a side  greasy fries. Or maybe you prefer some fried shrimp with your favorite dipping sauce along with those fried catfish nuggets that only momma knows how to make best, and don’t forget that Cracklin-cornbread made with lard and bits of premium pork sausage added in for starters.

Koshering Can Save Lives

Without being too technical or overly preachy (Gen. 9:4, Lev. 19:26, Acts 15: 20) this health tip can actually prolong your life for the better as koshering your food is scientifically known harmful impurities that can actually cause you great harm by introducing foreign substances into your body via your digestive track. It is commonly known by health enthusiasts that blood in the meat carries life

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