Sex Talk with The Urb

Let’s Discuss Intimacy – For Mature Audiences Only

Okay ladies and gentlemen this is a topic that I have reservations about discussing. First off, back in my day we didn’t talk about things of an intimate nature –simply because after it is done what is there really to talk about? If you didn’t say all you had to during that moment, it’s sort of like having a party, and then inviting guests. However, there are those who feel the need to lavish us with their exploits of sexual prowess, pleasure and fantasies in boundless venues but this ain’t going be that type of party. Sorry.

Instead what I’d like to do is give you some real talk on the different myths, misconceptions and beliefs surrounding this topic, and who knows maybe together we can learn some things that may be/have puzzled, surprised and dare I say even disappointed us as we ventured along with our appointed rounds of intimacy over the years.

So here we go:I’m sure y’all know the first thing I’m going to speak about. It is an age old question of men and women have been trying to answer it honestly for years….size and does it matter? (I see y’all moving a little closer to your computer screen.) Well this is definitely a loaded question. I mean of course let’s be serious, bigger is always better in just about everything, and this case is no different.

What I can emphatically say to you is that it damn sure looks better (especially in the light of day!) Let’s be for real you go to a restaurant and order a steak. You don’t want them bring you the puny runt of the litter do you? Having said that, I’m very serious when I say, let me say this, you cannot discount the smaller brothers, because “I like the way you work it” comes to mind. (I wouldn’t suggest too much strutting around mind you, but as long you can get the job done those are big bonus points and I wouldn’t worry too much).

Hey, what can I tell you?? C’est la Vie!!

Next on the agenda…how far is too far? You know what two people do in the privacy of a boudoir is their business is about as much as I can tell you on this one. As long as both parties (or however many there may be, bet you wasn’t expecting me to say that!) are happy then go for it (which is why you don’t do all that talking about it.) Different strokes for different folks ain’t just a saying my friend.

As long as we are talking about consenting adults — because there is no excuse and definitely no wins for abusing a child or a party who does not wish to engage in the same thing you wish to engage in. Intimacy is supposed to be a thing of beauty that all concerned individuals can enjoy when participating in it. I think this is a good spot to piggy back off this preceding topic and it may be a delicate subject but I’m a put it on the table all the same…same sex partners.

For me, it’s never been a fantasy or temptation of mine because simply put I want something I ain’t got. That’s just me. To further elucidate, let me just say, when I go to a restaurant, I’m not going to order something that I cook up at home myself on an ordinary basis …, what’s the point in that?

I want something that is not on my menu. But that is just me. That is what makes me happy.So in the same respect, I respect another person’s choice to make themselves happy in all and ANY area of their life, because life is truly too short and the next second is not guaranteed to you.

So why waste it by denying yourself any happiness you can get? For all those out there who will rebut with “it is a sin…” to them a reply that ends all that noise, is that Jesus died for our sins and I thank God for sending Him down to earth to do so; because while this is not one of my particular sins, I do have and have committed a few.

To close this topic I’d like to hear from anybody out there who hasn’t committed a sin. I urge you to please, please write me…so I can list you in my article titled, “People who are full of …” (oops, I’m sorry I digressed there didn’t I?) See, I promised myself that I wouldn’t go over the edge on this and I almost made it.

Until next time we speak in Let’s Discuss Intimacy – For Mature Audiences Only when we delve a bit deeper into things.