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Hey to all of you, my gurlz and my guyz! My name is Lynette Jones aka Renee the Reviewer and I would like to welcome you all my spot on; The Urban Reader. I’m here to give you the real about who’s hot, and who most certainly is not in Urban Fiction.

Some of you after reading my reviews may consider me to be the Sassy One, but I will assure you that I will never be the Trashy One.

Who is Lynette Jones you may ask? Well, not being one who usually toots her own horn, I am what most would consider to be a knowledgeable, self-proclaimed, avid reader from Chicago Illinois. I have been reading Urban Fiction since 1992. My first encounter with the genre was an Urban Fiction Book entitled The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah who was and is an African American, hip hop-generation author, activist, recording artist, and film producer. She had gained notoriety for Bill Clinton’s criticism of her remarks about racial differences in the United States during his 1992 presidential campaign.

Becoming captivated and intrigued by Souljah’s character’s and gripping storyline, my interest and curiosity about urban books sparked a lifelong passion for


reading. Thus far, from that point onward I have read countless books written by numerous author’s ranging from Terri Woods to new comer S.K Collins, whom I will discuss with you further.

In the meantime let’s just say that S.K. has an written talent that pleases the eye. Her words are very entertaining and her talent is unforgettable. Moreover her main character Chelsea is undeniable… and as far as Chelsea goes, she loves a good hustler; but things get complicated when she cheats on her boyfriend with his biggest rival in this shocking novel set in the mean streets of Washington, DC.

Now that’s some drama for you all, and I am the woman from the streets who will be bringing you the best of the written word. I will also be your diplomat who will steer you clear of the garbage pile as well. So let’s get it poppin’ the Chi-way.

Title, Author, and Synopsis
The Title of this book is called Open Wide, and is written by the previously mentioned author, S.K. Collins. The synopsis is as follows:

Young, sexy, and happy to flaunt it, Chelsea always wins in her pursuit of money—but she also gets herself in deep trouble. When she attracts the interest of her boyfriend’s sworn childhood enemy, Rodney, Chelsea knows she’s playing with fire but, she can’t resist a baller like Rodney. Her double life doesn’t last long, and Chelsea soon realizes the consequences are much worse than she ever realized.

Chelsea’s boyfriend, Zeek, lives a drama-free life. He’s always been a normal, respectful guy, despite living in one of the roughest neighborhoods in DC. But when Chelsea cheats on him, it breaks his heart and changes him for the worst. He decides that hustling is the only way to get respect, so he sets out into the tumultuous streets to get money by any means he can. Zeek’s quest becomes fueled by power, greed, and ultimately the love of a woman.

Can Chelsea recapture Zeek’s broken heart before he fully enters a world where few survive? Or will she remain so self-absorbed in her pursuit of money that she ends up destroying herself in the process?

The Breakdown

The main character’s in this novel are; Chelsea, Zeek and Rodney. Open Wide I must say is a MUST READ and I give this book 2 turns!!!

Now, I know you’re wondering, What in the hell is 2 turns? Well, 2 turns goes like this. First I check out the cover meaning; at first sight it has to be something unique that I’ve never seen before, or if I’ve seen something similar it has to be very eye catching. As I am looking over the cover I ask myself, What did this particular author do to be more creative? Second, I read the synopsis on the back of the book, in order to find out what the story is about. Where does it take place? Are the character’s and situation relatable?

When it came to Open Wide, it was referred to me by a very good friend. However, the one bleeding eye on the cover had me guessing as to what might be going on within the inside of those pages. S.k Collins, a newcomer on the scene has definitely made a name for himself. His entertaining and witty style had me at page 9. I was LOL (Laughing Out Loud), and it SMH (Saddened My Heart) all at the same time.

Chelsea the main character, to say the least, was a hot gurl mess. The first thing that comes to mind as I got to know her through the written word was Poison an R&B song by BBD… “Never trust a big butt and a smile,” ijs (I’m Just Sayin’).

The next character who had me entranced within the pages of this hot novel was Zeek. Now let me tell you about him. He was too fine. But he also was irresponsible. Zeek was the stay-at-home type who lived with his mom. You know, “jody…jody..jody….” and his “TOOL” game is wack, UGH! Now on the other hand the next character Rodney had swag, money, and a way with the ladies that gained him enemies without him even knowing it, and that’s all I’m giving you concerning him.

Now back to Chelsea. She is one that will spin a web that will have you tangled along with all the other flies she will attract. My conclusion is that if you’re looking for a fresh new author with a book that will have you glued to the pages, Open Wide by S.K Collins won’t disappoint. And, I Lynette J aka Renee the Reader strongly suggests that you COP this book!! Click here to get it now:

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Written by Treasure Hernandez…. The Characters are, Detective Abraham, Santiago, Serena and Tone…. The Block is where the dick’s (detectives) tax the dope boyz. The G code, and no snitching are the only rules that apply. A quick take of the story is, Detective Abraham has an obsession with money and power. Tone, his righthand man is eager to obey and stay loyal through and through. This story will have you gripping the pages as these characters take over projects along with trap houses all over New York, with only one thing on their minds; GET DOWN and give me the LOOT!! The author, Treasure Hernandez is definitely a BEAST with the pen. The Block is a MUST READ as well. I Lynette J, suggest that you COP this BOOK!!! You can get this book now by clicking here.

I’m Lynette J, your gurl from around the way. Keep turning pages street playas… I love the way you read.