Short Stories

Madana Matthews vs Amerika Sanders

My first day at work was a lot of fun, it hardly seemed like work at all. My manager Keily was real nice and real understanding and my co-workers were cool too, but I didn’t really trust them especially after I heard Matt and Sophie gossiping about Shenika behind her back. My girls wanted to visit me on their breaks but something came up so only Sasha was the only one able to visit. Keily knew I was expecting a visitor around one o’clock so she shifted the break schedule around so I could get my break issued to me when Sasha came.

“Dana! Look at you in your cute uniform” Sasha smiled as she walked into the restaurant.

“Hey Sasha, what’s good girl?” I said as I greeted my good friend.

“Nothing” then suddenly her smile faded, right then I knew something was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Sasha are you okay?” I was beginning to worry.

“I’m fine, Darnell’s playing you Dana,” she said.

My throat felt clogged like I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t believe what this girl was telling me, the guy I introduced to my mom, met his family and was with for over a year was two- timing me. I was curious to know how she knew this.

“How do you know?”

“His other girlfriend works with me and Misha, but Misha doesn’t work drive thru with us. We started talking and when she heard that I went to Sir Father she started asking me about you” she started, while continuously looking at me to make sure I wasn’t crying. I won’t lie I was crushed, but I was not going to waste eye waters on a two-timer.

“Why was she asking about me?”

“ She told me that she’s been hearing rumors for the past couple months that Darnell had been with this girl from Sir Father name Madana and she asked me if it was true”

“What did you say?”

“Not anymore”

“Good what’s her name?”

“Amerika Sanders”

“Okay well I have to get back to work I’m done at 3 so we’ll link after kay?”

“Cool, I finish at 3:15 so come to Pizza Hut and you’ll see Amerika, she finishes at 4 and maybe y’all could have a chat about Mister Jones”

“Cool, Bye”


For the remainder of the time at work, I acted as if nothing was wrong when deep down I was furious. I cannot believe I wasted a year and change with this guy; I really thought we had something special. Clearly not special enough or else he wouldn’t have gone looking somewhere else. Finally, I completed my first day at the work and I was just anxious to talk to Amerika about Darnell. As I walked into the Pizza Hut I noticed a thick, short, mocha skinned girl who had black and gold singles in her hair, and her name tag read: Amerika. Darnell’s other girl, I got her.

“Excuse me, Are you Amerika?” I asked her.

“That’s what my name tag says and you are?” she said as her face grew with attitude.

“Madana!” I said as I returned the attitude.

“ Oh wow, Hi, Let’s sit over here,” she said as her attitude changed and she pointed to a nearby table.

“Okay,” I said as I followed her so we could sit and talked.

I started. “ So how long have you and Darnell been together?”

“Four months and two weeks”

“And when did you hear about me?”

“Second week of September”

“Oh, the same week as our anniversary, did you confront him about the rumors?”

“Yeah, he did admit y’all were together but broke up in July because you guys knew that you’d be going to different schools”.

That trifling snake, Wow! Why didn’t he just break up with me instead of two- timing? Less drama.

“Well no, we’re still together but I’ve run my course with him so he’s yours” I concluded as I noticed Sasha and Kemisha coming towards us telling me that their shift was done.

“No, it’s okay! , I don’t want him , I deserve better than someone who can’t be faithful to me” Amerika finished as she was heading back to the drive thru window.

Damn she was right.

When I got home I realized I got a new email. You would never guess from who: the trifling devil himself.

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