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Official Street Certified Review: In Love’s Time?

In Love’s Time is an erotic romance written by non-other than The Condom Man himself, Alexander M. Smith. However, before you get caught up with my Sur Name I have dubbed him I would have you note that I do take my reviews very seriously indeed. Having not known Alexander, nor being familiar with his works I wasn’t quite up to the task of reading an erotic/romance from anyone. I am particularly a fan of horror, but, I am open minded, to say the least. Albeit, enough said on that matter.

Our Introduction

The Condom Man Alex M Smith

Having had Alexander send me both the paperback edition in tandem with an E book. I received the two books within a week in utter despair knowing that I would have to travail while turning the pages therein. Ironically, I found myself actually enjoying the novel immensely. I began connecting with the main character Trevon Aubrey almost immediately. I would further note whilst writing this review is that I am privilege to the fact of being able to inquisition many of the authors afterward after reading their stories in order to find hidden jewels in which most readers may not have the opportunity to do so. This enables me to write a review with much more clarity. Alexander was gracious enough to handle my inquiries with ease. Also, it’s one of the honors that I have cherished as a writer of urban fiction within upper tier thereof.

The Story-line

In Love’s Time as described to me by the author is an erotic love tale which encompasses the long arduous journey of love, hurt, hardships, loss and inevitably trying to finding Missus Right in a nutshell. However, from reading this full-fledged novel. I would strongly disagree with his take (Yes, on his own book).

Our Disagreement

Consequently, the book is urban in nature for it begins in New York and ends within Cal-I-Forn-I-A which he and I agree. I also found myself being highly impressed by his use of the first-person narrative, the amount of descriptive detail that the author placed into building a mental picture into one’s mind, of not only the characters physical attributes, but their mental dispositions to the point of Trevon’s struggling to always doing the right thing in a relationship and fighting the demons in his loins when many times he would have been justified in the eyes of many men. Yet in tandem in relation to the aforementioned, he does what many Urban Fiction writers do not, and that is; he gives great detail without over doing it, especially in his erotic scenes which are not so erotic. This is where we disagree.

The sex scenes in this book are mind-blowing, and from reading this romantic novel women will know what it truly is to have a lover who pays attention to detail. Yet while being erotic in nature per say, the scenes are far from being out of place. They are written in a poetical style, fiery, and memorable passion that at times I found myself reliving my youthful days, and then asking myself. “Hell, why did I not do that?” Therefore, I would not describe the book as being a baseless I just saw you in the mall let’s have sex and call it the night type of erotica that you find in your overly done, tasteless, I have to have my vagina hanging out on the cover type story so you know there’s sex inside type of novel. The cover is traditional and well thought out, even though one may be taken aback by the number of characters on the front.

The Scoop

More on the plot. As mentioned Trevon Aubrey is the main character as this story is told from his narrative and the struggles he went through in order to find the One which isn’t flawless by a long shot. The makeups, and breakups that the young teenage Aubrey goes through is that which many young men who are matured beyond their years due to a positive adult influence. In this case a Polish deli store owner by the name of Jacob Cohen (The priest; the meaning of his name) who takes Trevon into his life and becomes a surrogate father of his in the absence of his biological dad who is never mentioned. Trevon, at the age of 12 meets his first love Donna (A Summer love in California) who is around three years younger. However, the two are quickly torn apart before the flames ignite a little too much. Next, Stephanie steps up to the plate to handle that which Trevon cannot, and that is a broken heart. Soon Trevon finds out that finding love is not easy. Stephanie turns out to be the around the way girl that is as conniving as she is beautiful. Her runner-up is another character who comes along the scene named Carmen, a voluptuous, Hispanic who has a way with a word that will make most want to curse the pages of the book and use another inflammatory word that will have even more cussing. Catch my drift.

Anyway, throughout the story you meet quite a few women in between Trevon, and Angela who becomes the true Apple of his eye. However, doing the right thing does often and will cause the nice guy to finish last when it comes to relationships. Angela is perfect, and I mean so perfect to the point that the author narrates a simple eye stare in such a unique way, that it almost outshines all the steamy romance scenes which I find pretty hard to top in any book I have thus read.

My Conclusion

Between the heartaches, and not so sappy love plot that has an emotional edge that will keep you turning the pages, and leave you in a state as to having a mindset of actually having lived the actual life of Trevon Aubrey while trying to understand why people do what they do? You will find yourself asking, Am I doing all I need to in my current relationship? Most of all, for those of you who think Trevon is the push- over-type of guy who is a wimp when it comes to women. Most women would find Trevon is one whom I would classify as a man among men, and one who can defend himself physically more than enough. However, he is a man with restraint, and a caring nature that most will find is worthy of praise. This book is a true treasure and one for the archives. Hence, no one ever finds love until love finds us in its own time. I rate this a five out of five stars.


I surnamed him the Condom Man because… warning, there is absolutely little to no use at all…LOL. Consequently, the one time he did use one…Oh, well, you know the feeling. You can read Alexander’s interview on iurban.org by following the link here. To read the synopsis and an excerpt chosen by the author himself and/or buy click here.

Author Bio

Alexander M. Smith was born the last of seven children in Buffalo, N.Y., where he attended school until joining the United States Marine Corps in May of 1978. First introduced to literature by Mrs. Shelton his third-grade teacher, he was assigned to recite a dedication to Alexander Dumas during Black History Month. Overwhelmed by his teacher’s knowledge of the great writer, the seed was planted which birthed a hunger for Dumas’s work and desire for he himself to one-day pen something of literary acceptance. This further developed into a love of feature films, as he spent countless childhood hours watching movies at the neighborhood Apollo Theater. Arriving at 10:00AM and then departing some twelve hours later every Saturday and Sunday. Throw in an occasional Wednesday movie special, and the Apollo was more an institute of learning than a source of recreation.
Active military service proved to be both challenging and demanding. Pursuing college off and on while serving was difficult but still didn’t diminish his passion for writing. After an extremely successful twenty-two year career, he spent the next ten years as a consultant to the military. Writing in his spare time, he self-published “D & D Poetry” in February 2004. A collection of poems about a relationship from a male perspective, D & D Poetry received some very favorable reviews. “In Love’s Time,’ is Alexander’s debut novel and is expected to make some major waves. It’s an extremely well-told story that allows the reader to feel the words on the pages, leaving them fulfilled as if they themselves lived the experience. Residing in sunny Southern California, Alexander is hard at work on his second novel titled, “Episodes.” After its release, he plans to knock the dust off a twenty-year-old project and complete his first screenplay.

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