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On The Block With Luis A. Malave

If you are a big music fan and know the words to a once popular song entitled, I Was Born Way by Carl Bean on Motown records then you will understand what Luis Malave. Knowing the person behind the controversy which has plagued time since the days of Lot.

I have a profound respect for Luis in the fact that as a human being he is one of the one of the most realest, caring, sincere and kindest individual I have ever met.

Notwithstanding the above, I would say Luis’s life ca best be summed up by the lyrics of the song mentioned above, I’m walking through life in nature’s disguise You laugh at me and you criticize ’cause I’m happy, carefree and gay – Yes, I’m gay It ain’t a fault it’s a fact I was born this way Now I won’t judge you Don’t you judge me We’re all the way nature meant us to be Chorus I’m happy – I’m carefree – I’m gay I was born this way.

However, before you slam down the gavel and destroy the man’s character just remember how Lot treated the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah with kindness to the very end. Having spoken to Luis on more than one occasion, I had learned that he experienced a darker side of life in prison where he endured the worse aspects thereof.

Later having overcome such diversities, Luis continues pressing forward expressing his talents through his writing and by other means of self-expression. Therefore, without further adieu the Urb brings you, Luis Malave the man behind the man holding the mirror.


iURBAN.ORG: Where are you from, Venus or Mars?

Luis Malave: Mars!!! Cause I’m all about the green.

What author most influenced you besides yourself?

LOL! John Grisham!

What motivates you to write?

My fans and supporters! You know, without them I’d be nothing, nor would I have anything. So a big shout out to all my supporters. You know who you are.
What makes this book special to you, and for others besides the fact that you are now an official author per say?

It’s based on true life events! My struggles ans well as my victories in life.

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced with this project besides not killing people for calling you, etcetera at an imperative time when you were in your groove?

Dealing with obtrusive Prison Officials and belligerent inmates.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned that you’d like to pass on to other authors?

“Show love through love.’ You show love, you get love back!

What author(s) would you most like to collaborate with?

You, of course, Dion Cheese.

What’s your immediate future plans? Ours, consist of walking down the street and bumming for a few burgers in front of Micky D’s care to join us?

Yes, I will but you will have to pay because I forgot my wallet. LOL!

Which of your books would like to see made into a movie, and who should be the leading actors?

Two sides of the Game! One and Two!

How do you think your book would be received on Mars?

And yes, we do believe they exist. Michael Jackson was one of them so you know he isn’t really dead …don’t you?

No, He has and always will be an Icon and a role model to me. As for myself, my book will arrive through technology thanks to Star Trek! LOL!

Some authors are extremely explicit in their novels, whether it be sex, violence and/or language. Is there a limit to how far you will go or what you will put in your novels?

No. That’s why I love writing. It’s called, the freedom of the speech!
Any last words?

Thank God and all my fans, support team and FAM for keeping me grounded!


About The Author

Author_Luis_MalaveLuis A. Malave is 33 years old. Lives in Hartford Ct. He resides with family and friends. Luis is an Active Activist to LGBTQ Community. In which his heart labors for. Being active with the community Luis Malave has also raised awareness on important topics in our communities, HIV and Homelessness; all over the Hartford and Springfield Mass. He has collaborated with non-profit agencies such as True Colors and Project STEP/LCS.



About the Book

Two_Sides_Of_The_GAmeTwo Sides of Game is a fictitious novel depicting the lives of two uniquely different individuals from two different walks of life — Devon, a twenty-seven year old heterosexual black man from the hood; and Ricky, a twenty-two year old openly gay, cross-dressing Latino man from the suburbs — and their exploits before their fall from grace leads them to cross paths in the most unlikely of places: a prison cell. If you would like to purchase this book, please click the cover on your right.