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On The Block With Tamia Gore-Felton

TamiaAfter being in adamant denial about aliens and relentlessly convincing Tamia Gore-Felton that we are not crazy after all. She finally committed herself for an exclusive interview about what’s happening now with her, and where she is going in the literary world.

Not being one to brag, but Tamia regretfully admits, “Martians do not like nor do they eat Mars bars, they like earth.” With that being said, we bring you, Tamia-Gore Felton.
iURBAN.ORG: What author (s) most influenced you?
Tamia Gore-Felton: Omar Tyree, Terry McMillian and Sister Souljah are the ones who I personally feel influenced me the most.
What motivates you to write besides doing finger exercises with your hands?

The anticipation of my readers. The love is amazing and positive feedback that I am receiving is simply wonderful.
What makes this book special to you, and for others? It has my name on the front, back, and on the pages inside the book. This is my book, I finally did it!


Are signed or self-published, and why did you choose to go the route?

I am self-published because after getting rejected several times I decided to throw in the towel and go it on my own.


I heard that you made an appearance on the Marvin Show what kind of dish did you make? Once I had my show and we used to make Donkey Ballz soup but the animal rights activists shut us down saying we were using mules, but I didn’t know there was a difference. Can you tell us when and where can we see it?

On the Marvin cooking show which, by the way, doesn’t cook donkeys, we made Salmon cakes, grits, and lemon cupcakes. The airs August 22, 2015, at 12:05 AM on our local Carolina stations ABC (Channel 15), and WPDE. Marvin is a funny guy with a lot of charisma and is a hot mess in a good way.


What was the biggest challenge you faced with your initial project?

Just finishing the book. It took over ten years to get Bangles and Broken Hearts to where it is now.
What is the most valuable lesson you learned that you’d like to pass on to other authors besides killing bad publishers, and burning books that you don’t like?

LOL! I always say, “Take your time and don’t rush things. Anything that is meant to happen will happen in due time.” Also don’t burn other people’s books unless the power goes out in your house and your in the middle of a blizzard. Then it would be acceptable.
What author would you most like to collaborate with?

I would have to say there are several, but my top picks would be, Omar Tyree, Daaimah S. Poole, and Carl Weber.
What’s your immediate future plans besides killing our dog, we sincerely apologize for the way he keeps¬†funny-husky2 looking at you?

LOL! No apology needed, I’ve seen worse from people. Anyway, I am currently working on my third novel. Hopefully, I will release three more books by the end of 2016.
Which of your books would like to see made into a movie, and who would be the leading actors?

Bangles and Broken Hearts and Bangles and Broken Hearts 2 (should be released by November 2015). My choice of actors would be, Tyrese/ Lance Gross and Christina Milan/Kyla Pratt.





How do you think your book would be received on Mars? And, before you even begin to think we’re crazy for asking. Yes, we’ve been there and there is life.

LOL! I think that they would love it!
Some authors are extremely explicit in their novels, whether it be sex, violence and/or language. Is there a limit to how far you will go or what you will put in your novels?

Yes, there is. However, I still like to give my readers just enough and not make anyone uncomfortable with the sex scenes.

Any last words?

Yes, I would like to personally thank all of my fans who supported me throughout my journey and continue to do so, and also to all of you here at iUrban.org for having me.

Author Bio*

Tamia Gore-Felton was born and raised in the Carolinas. She graduated for Horry-Georgetown Technical College and lives in the Myrtle Beach area with her husband and daughter. In her free time, she enjoys reading, interior design, and spending time with her loved ones.

You can reach Tamia via social by using the following links.
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