Peanut Live: Chronicles Of A Puppet Hustla

If you are familiar with the lyrics of I’m Your Puppet the classic sung by James and Bobby Purify then you know that Peanut Live 2-1-5 is the exact opposite. Peanut Live is a hilarious puppet hustla who happens to be a sort of street Muppet-banger. And like the Devil, he is always up to something no good. Having his own unique ghetto slang and phrases, the multi-talented puppet named Peanut uses sayings such as, “Skitdaddle” and “You make money, I take money”, along with vulgar phrases such as “You love the b**ch, I f**k the b**ch.” And for those of you who are overly offended by the N-word… His web series which has received over 25 million views is based primarily on the axioms of inner city life in Northern parts of Philly (Philadelphia, which is ironically the city of Brotherly Love). Yes, it emanates from the point of being a thug; albeit, he is funny as all hell.[intense_video video_type=”youtube” video_url=””]


peanut-live-215-gets-kidnappedPrimarily, Peanut is one loud mouth rapping, high pitched foul speaking, weed smoking, go-getter, who also just happens to be a Tre-Eight (.38) gun toting, girl grabber who will pistol whip his victims mercilessly if they get out of line. He is definitely not your average street thug. In fact, this woman stealing puppet often backstabs his closest allies on several fronts. For example, in one episode Peanut gets trapped inside of his associate’s house after having this self-same live-in girlfriend of one of his associates perform oral sex on him (Rated X-Puppet-Style of course) just moments after his associate leaves off for work. Many times over Peanut blatantly forewarns them not to take, “B**ches personal.” The situation between the two escalates to the point which eventually leaves Peanut bodied-bagged and trashed. However, to my surprise watching the show will have you laughing in tears despite the violent atmosphere.

The violence portrayed is often masked by the show’s creator’s comedic presentation yet keep the basic elements of urban street life intact. Although the violent situations presented within these webisodes are a true reflection of street-life, from men beefing; fighting over infidelity, to being short on funds, drug wars, kidnapping, robbery, and sometimes just plain stupidity. Nothing is off limits to Peanut, the short peezy-haired puppet who has women swooning over his very presence. He definitely is not one to be trusted. I’ll just say if you ever meet someone like Peanut in real life, do not leave him in your home unattended.

Often ridiculed by his closest friends for carrying what they consider to be an outdated ratchet; his .38 revolver. Peanut logically defends his choice of weaponry knowing his weapon will not jam when it comes to a gun battle in which he has been in quite a few. Being quick on the draw aside from being the smallest one within the click; having his trusty companion hidden on his person earns him monumental respect among those who know better, and those who don’t know find out the hard way as ‘Nut’ (As he is known to friends) executes diabolical schemes from bait-and-rob-yo-*ss, to forcing crew members into selling his custom-made Peanut Gear which can be purchased on his website;

peanut_masked_upAlthough Peanut is talented at pistol whipping, gun slinging, robbing, conniving, jiving, drug dealing hustla, who is more of a menace than Dennis, and anything else you may think of that is associated with the underground life of Philadelphia, PA. He does focus on his rap lyrical abilities as well as bringing the ruckus as though his middle name was King Kong in the rap game.

Nevertheless, no matter how offensive others may find these real life parodies being played out throughout the web to be. The real truth is, no matter how dark life may become there’s always room for laughter. Many people often view those enduring hardships or the ones who have become criminals to be nothing more than animals instead of being the victims of cruel inner city life. Whether they are misguided, or just trying to survive Peanut will make you laugh.

In the end, I believe his antics show us how foolish the streets can be because many times Peanut ends up in dire distress from being choked to the point of unconsciousness from having flames shoot through the head of his penis from being a bit too much promiscuous. But hey, he’s a puppet what else can I say.

In conclusion, I must say the creator of Peanut Live 2-1-5 is sincere as I believe a mega-force to be dealt with on the web. His talent has not gone unnoticed, and he has definitely won me over as a fan. Now if you’re still with me, I must say in Peanut’s own words–Skitdaddle! This review is over!

Feel free to leave a comment on whether you feel the content featured on this series has a negative impact on urban life or should it be laughed off as just another comedic expression of life in the hood?

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