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The Choir Director

One evening after a tires me day at work. Trina, my 7 year old pitbull needed some food, so I went to Walmart. While I was there I remembered that they sold Urban Fiction Books (Yes, The big W out of all places…). I decided to check the book section and to my surprise the collection of books on display was rather large. To say I lost my mind would be an understatement; I grabbed a couple of books, well, 5 to be exact, and among them was an urban treasure by Carl Weber

One of my choices was The Choir Director by Carl Weber. It was his 5th book from the Church Series. Now if your familiar with Bishop T.K. Wilson then you know the drama is about to unfold.

Carl Weber’s vivid and dramatic storytelling exposed scandal at the First Jamaica Ministries. Bishop Wilson’s flock was in shambles after his last choir Director was outed for being gay; mind you, I shouldn’t have to tell you that attendance was down and the dollars were low. The Bishop found himself needing  a plan if he was going to save his church.

Because his faith was truly being tested, God heard his cry, and the Bishop met Aaron Mackie — a choir Director he’d seen on the road during one of his speaking engagements. Mackie had everything the Bishop needed to keep his church doors open: a remarkable voice, youth, energy, AND drive. A combination the Bishop needed to win the National Gospel championship ,,, and the prize money that came along with it!

Faith can be fickle however, and Mackie had more than the Bishop sought — a past that would follow him right into the church and stain the floor! Well, and probably the ceiling too. Blackmail, fornication, betrayal, and adultery just to call out a few tidbits would once again rock the pews of First Jamaica Ministries.

So grab your book’s and clutch your pearls, ‘cus this is one service you don’t want to miss. I loved this read, and I believe you will too. Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and let me know whay you think about this hot read.


Keep turning those pages baby,

— your reader Lynette J