Felonious Afterlife

The Game

Quick question: what is “The Game?”For real,tell me: what is“The Game”? I ask because what I’ve played at all these years doesn’t feel like a game at all. The stakes are high and the players play for keeps. It’s fast and if you blink you could miss a lot.They say only the strong survive “The Game,” but even here I’ve seen the strong get dropped.
“The Game” is vicious if you’re not slimy to some degree you won’t last! In “The Game” the rule is, there are no rules. They change,are disregarded, or are simply not applied at all.
“The Game”is filled with a colorful cast of characters.The stage,the streets!The Hustla, Drug dealer, Snitch, Gambler, Prostitutes, Stick up Kids, The Pimp, The Mark,The John, and even the Police. Yes,a colorful cast of characters. No script is written it’s impromptu; played out as you go along, each in their own improvisation making it by the skills they have acquired according to their crafts.
“The Game” is a sport, the sport whatever you want it to be; your rules, you’re playing field, somebody has to win and somebody has to lose.  for real, though, more cats lose then actually win and if you do win, what was the cost?
“The Game” is a lifestyle, you have to know all the cheat codes,your opponent’s weakness, when 2 Quit, when 2 Strike, and when salt has been put in.
Over the years I’ve seen a new breed of players emerge,these cats are cut from a different cloth.More violent, more deviant, and more ruthless.They Press for their prize by any means necessary.
“The Game” is eternal only the players change.If you sign up to play I only hope you know what you’re signing up for and the consequences that come with it.I can’t tell any of you not to play,I only ask that you weigh your options, just look at the history of the legends,then decide.

12 peers 720 seconds, but it only took 60 Seconds just 2 count your blessings.
The judge Hit you with the 12th-9th-6th-and the 5th letters of the alphabet.
Now the tree jumpers and butt humpers,you share the same affairs with,now if you can relate,it must feel great,not to be a sucker.
If you hate then you do the math…12 jurors…12 minutes…1 minute to process.
12 = L + 9 = I + 6 = F + 5 = E
That’s the sucker I don’t want to be.
No longer a living legend,but a great wall street investment,back in our adolescence the street codes were our lessons.

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