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This Whole Thing with Bill…

Bill Cosby revisited… Is Bill a rapist who remains unconvicted?

“Why did they wait so long?”
“Hoes gonna do what hoes do?”
“They just want money!”
“This is a distraction to keep you from paying attention to Ferguson!”

These are just a few of the stupid comments I’ve been reading about the Bill Cosby scandal. The level of stupidity and ignorance is at an all time high on the internet this week. Kim Kardashian didn’t break the internet – the people posting comments like those above broke the internet by their shameless display of unchecked retardation.

Let me take these one at a time.

“Why did they wait so long?”

If you’re a news junkie, such as myself, then none of this new. I read EVERYTHING: local news, world news, waitingpolitical news, entertainment news – hell, I even glance over the sports section just to get a feel for who is doing what, even if I don’t quite understand the game. I had a grandmother that once told me, “…always know a little bit about everything.” That stuck with me. Therefore, I do know a little bit about everything, even things that don’t concern me.

That being said, I’ve been reading about Cosby’s sexual proclivities for YEARS. My mom died in 1999 and I still remember discussing it with her long before she died. She was a huge tabloid fan, while I have always despised those rags like The National Enquirer, The Sun, The Globe, etc. But she would buy and read them all. They were mostly trash, of course, but every now and then they would drop some fact in between the fiction about alien babies and dogs that sing. I think that’s their strategy, actually; dress it up like satire and slip some real information into the pages that only certain enlightened people would find. Kind of like that movie, Mercury Rising, where the autistic kid discovered coded details to a government conspiracy in the back of a comic book. National Enquirer was the first to report that Liberace was suffering from AIDS and the world scoffed at them. But over the years, the media has consistently reported on the various women claiming that Cosby drugged and molested and/or raped them. People either ignored it or rejected it.
What changed? Social media. Things are different today. When the first victim went public in the 80s, she claimed she knew of 13 others who were ready to testify. Then Cosby paid her off and she went away, leaving the rest of the group to fend for themselves, I mean, she got hers so they would have to get theirs! I hope she’s proud of herself. Had that scenario taken place today, all 14 of the women would have Facebook and Twitter and we would know their names, locations, and what they ate for breakfast. And we would have selfies of them with Cosby in his hotel room before they took their first drink and their worlds went black.

So stop saying – “why did they take so long?” Shut all the way up. They didn’t take so long – you just weren’t listening.

“Hoes gonna do what hoes do?”

hoesI shouldn’t even justify this one with a response¬†because the mouth that uttered this nonsense has to be attached to a mind addled by years of drugs and super-glue fumes.
Someone even suggested that the women had gone to Cosby’s room to “f**k for fame” and then got mad because he left them with a wet ass and cab fare. Let’s say he did just that – is that acceptable? For America’s #1 Dad? It’s okay to make hollow promises to dozens of women in order to get sex and then renege on the deal? There was absolutely no reason to drug them because plenty of women would give it up with only an invitation. The drugging takes it to an entirely new level and makes it a criminal offense. He was lucky that none of the women had adverse reactions to the drugs, or worse, died because of him slipping them things. At least – we don’t know that any of the women died…. With the way Hollywood is set up, if a woman did die, he would have had handlers and cleaners available to whisk them out of the hotel and make it all go away.

One commenter even stated that even if the women WERE drugged, they should be honored to be able to say that they had Cosby’s penis in their mouth. And no, he was not joking.

I wonder if people would feel the same if these women were your mothers, aunts, sisters, or daughters?

“They just want money!”

Once and for all, let’s get an understanding of what’s at stake here: absolutely nothing. These women have one_millnothing to gain but closure. The statute of limitations on any possible criminal charges expired many years ago – decades ago for some. Bill Cosby cannot face any charges. Even a lawsuit would be difficult to accomplish because of the amount of time passed and any evidence is likely destroyed. So where would the money come from?

Cosby can continue to sit there and say not a damn word because he doesn’t have to. He is not being compelled by law to respond. And the fact that he is a sneeze away from heaven anyway means that if he keeps ignoring it, eventually it will go away, and all he’ll be left with is a tattered legacy and neighbors who avert their eyes when he walks his dog. And maybe that’s all these women want – people to KNOW. It’s not fair that they have had to live with this shame while he travels the world, greeted by standing ovations based on lies.
And maybe that’s WHY they waited – so no one could accuse them of wanting anything when there’s nothing they could get.

“This is a distraction to keep you from paying attention to Ferguson!”

distractedThis one really, really gets under my skin. I don’t know about most people, but I am capable of thinking about more than one thing at a time. You’d be amazed to learn that as I type this, I am eating leftover pizza, posting on Facebook and engaged in a chat with my coworkers. Oh – and watching The People’s Court. I’m a multitasking dynamo!

This comment is so freaking insulting because it implies that we can only focus on ONE news story at a time. And I only see these stupid comments and memes aimed at US. We’re being distracted from Ferguson, ISIS, Chuck Hagel and the plot twist on Scandal. Please cyber slap the next person that claims we are being distracted. They’re saying that we are stupid and have one track minds. Like goldfish.

Finally, where are Cosby’s supporters?

I have yet to see one credible celebrity or business associate speak up to defend their friend. Does anyone else find fakefriendsthat odd?

Before I end, let’s get some urban legends off the table – Cosby DOES NOT own the rights to the Little Rascals movies. He did not purchase them to ensure that they were not shown on television because they are racially offensive. This is laughable – Cosby created Fat Albert, one of the most racist, ignorant and stereotypical pieces of s**t television programs of our history. And people believe he found fault with Little Rascals?

Bill Cosby attempted to purchase a chunk of NBC in 1992. He is not currently attempting to purchase any media company that will “put black movies back in the theater.” There is no credible evidence of this anywhere. Bill Cosby is damn near 80 years old and you really think he’s on the verge of spearheading a multi-media giant?

Think, people. It’s not illegal yet.

Yes, just about everything has been said by the majority of the media and by everyone else, except when it comes to the man himself; Bill “The Pudding Man” Cosby. Or, better yet, “Mr. I’m Pudding Something Somewhere.”

However, in the end, what we would like to know is do you think Mr. Cosby is guilty of these alleged crimes, and do you think that some kind of justice will prevail?

I’m D. Marie Amos – Ciao everyone!

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