Felonious Afterlife

Two Faced Miranda

When I first met Two-faced Miranda I thought she was cool. Even though I knew that she’d been with most of the male members of my family, including my 1st and 2nd generation cousins as well. The older ones warned me saying, “Don’t f**k with Miranda she’s no good. She will smile in your face and stab you in the back…”

However, since I was young, dumb and full of… well, you know the rest. At the time I met Miranda I was memorized by her cunning words.

I first met her while traveling down Route 22 in Union, NJ on a summer’s night along with my eldest sister and a couple of friends. I was only nineteen at the time. I pulled over as she flashed me with her lights. I thought she was just another bright face wanting to know how could I be driving a brand new Cadillac that looked better than hers when I was in fact unemployed.

After a brief chat she inquired if she could check out my ride, and I said, “No problem. Are you looking for something other than me?”

Being a wise ass didn’t help in wooing her over, and not once did I heed my eldest brother’s warning when he chastised me saying, “Dion, if you ever meet that bitch, I’m telling you. Don’t say one word to her. Once she gets you talking you’ll lose everything!” I recalled replying saying, “Man ain’t no woman in the world will ever empty my pockets. More than likely she’ll be the one giving up everything.”

“Listen lil’ bruh, you don’t know Miranda like me and Poop. You’ll see! Miranda is the type of broad that will take whatever you have on you. She’ll have yo ass on lock before you know what hit you. Stay away!”

Making a long story short, if any of you reading this has ever read my bio, you already know that Miranda did have me on lock. I gave her everything I had. Including a total of 18 years of my life. Yes, we dated quite a few times. Hopefully, none of you will have too. Especially those of you living around Grant Ave, Plainfield, NJ. The place where I caught my second case. Laugh but not too hard. I did, but in the end Miranda ended up on top where most men eventually regret that she did.

Remember, Thou Shall Not Talk When Wearing Handcuffs

Confessions Of A Mad Man

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