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Urban Horror Writers and Readers: Gangpire

Dion’s Thoughts:

gangpire_sentuGangpire is a must read horror novel written by Sentu Taylor which is a nostalgic tale in a sense. Not so much in the way it is written but in a fun-filled way that is reminiscent of Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn, or the movie Blackula in which the reader is immersed in an urban environment full of characters who may live just around the corner from you if one is familiar with the lower echelon who live the gangster life in California. Despite the cover which will literally grab at your eyes and say, “Look at me! I’m different!”
At first glance your eyes are stunned. I can only describe the cover as being shocking as seeing a 19070’s pimp wearing a big brim hat and fishbowl shows attending a present day casual cookout. The cover is loud screaming for attention. I must say in all honesty, the author gets the job done very well. For the cover is repulsive, funny, and even ugly in some points. However, something inside me told me to pick this book up and read the synopsis which I did.

Kenya’s Thoughts:

In the end, I’m glad I took my time and read this, so I could savor the story and the characters. This book is so different than anything you’ve already read. What really stood out in this story for me was the relationship between Tacoma and his sister Seattle (CeCe) that was touching and really the driving force behind the choices he made. I have to say that this is a well-written, fast-paced thriller that reminds me of John Skipp, one of my favorite authors – and that’s saying a lot because I haven’t read many GOOD stories that involved Santeria. I LOVED IT. I could definitely see this as a movie just because of the quick-fire dialogue that really helped you feel as if you were immersed in the story. Also loved the sneak of Gangpire 2 at the end! I will be reading that soon to see what happens with Tacoma and Helen (not giving it away!).

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