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When Beauty N Betrayal Isn’t Sincere

Hello to all of you visiting us at iUrban. My name is Rhonda Z Mitchell the founder of the Champagne Divas, and today, I myself, on behalf of the Champagne Divas book club would like to share with you a great novel entitled Beauty N’ Betrayal written by Chi-Town’s own authoress Sincere; who’s picture is featured further down in the review on the left.

AuthoressSincereBut first, I would like to mention that, if you have read our column description you can plainly see that we are a tight knit group of sophisticated, career orientated women who absolutely love reading Urban Fiction for a variety of reasons. Of course, we do it in style by having Cheese and Wine…LOL! We number few compared to many of the bigger book clubs out there but don’t count us out. Or current group will definitely be expanding and we invite any of you who have a passion for reading to join us, and share your views with us as we bring you some of our top picks in the Urban genre. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us about a particular character that you may or may not like, or better yet send us your suggestions on how we as readers can contribute in bringing forth unity throughout our cities from East to West as we unite ourselves through our mental passions, make a friend or two, and even participate in one of our live forums as we grille some of the most intriguing individuals who make us both laugh and cry through their witty, and sometimes heartbreaking tales dealing with the turmoils of inner city life.

In our first pick, we would simply like for you to read the book Beauty N’ Betrayal. It’s a story where Sincere takes youBeauty n betrayal on a journey about a young, beautiful, bombshell who deals with an abusive boyfriend that showers her with all the materialistic things she could ever want. Keisha (the main character) prepares for her college graduation; a day filled with so much pride, and anticipation. However, things never seem to go as planned. What is supposed to be a joyful event somehow turns into pain and hurt. Journey with Keisha, the beautiful bombshell as she discovers betrayal by the last person she would expect.

Within the pages of this well-written novel, in a rage, Keisha quickly plots a plan that will send both her boyfriend Beauty_n_betrayaland mother away. After successfully fulfilling her plan, she and her best friends, Tameka, and Sherrie turn on their street hustler mentality.

Overall, I would have to say that this book was a pretty good read, a definite page turner that will keep you anticipating Keisha’s next move. Ultimately we all learn that every misdeed has a price. I’ll keep this one review simple and sweet until next time ladies.

So, if you are looking for a good read this book comes highly recommended by me Rhonda from Cali-Forn-I-A and the rest of my crew, the Champagne Divas. Just One Click and you are set!

Oh, and don’t forget the Wine and Cheese because yes, we are sophisticated! A toast to my sophisticated readers out there! beauty n betrayal

A cheerful toast to all my sophisticated readers out there!


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