Stranger than Fiction

When Raping Young Boys, Is It Okay?

Stranger than fiction…Yes, most certainly. Especially, when the tables are turned and a young teenager becomes the victim it usually is. Most people tend to look at women being the victims of rape but not boys.

areola-hernandez-facebookHowever, I want to take the time and introduce you all to Anna Areola-Hernandez. She’s a 23 Latino woman who allegedly posed as a 15-year-old teenager online while frequenting social sites such as Facebook, Snapchat and Tango in order to engage in sex acts with young boys.Sadly enough, police say that she managed to give one of her victims, a 13-year-old boy; an STD which seems to place a whole new meaning of busting a cherry which apparently no one wants on top.

Hernandez who is reportedly from Glendale, Arizona just outside of Phoenix is also allegedly being investigated on other charges of “molestation, and misrepresentation of her age.” The arrest stems from the fact that she admitted to having sex with the minor at least on ‘four occasions’ after she claimed that she was pregnant by him during a recorded phone conversation with the teenager’s mother.

Later, she further admitted to posing online as a minor to 15-year-old to 20 other happy-go-lucky minors who should be monitored. Subsequently, she has yet to spread her flaming vagina juices upon them and give them the full burning experience of what it’s like to be rape victims in a society who usually looks the other way when it comes to women liking and essentially raping young boys.

The story was first reported by The Phoenix New Times. Please feel free to leave a comment on whether you believe Anna should be given a slap on the wrist, or tell us how you believe people in her shoes ought to be treated when it comes to sexual crimes dealing with minors.