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Who’s Really Getting Paid?

Authors are being ripped off, and the sad part about the situation at hand is…They don’t even know it. Excitement about a new prospect has killed off common sense and sound reasoning! If you are an author or someone venturing into the realm of entertainment then you need to R-E-A-D T-H-I-S.

When it comes to the mighty dollar I’m trying to figure it all out? I know the reason behind building was not only to help others promote their talents and advertise their finished products but to give them an opportunity they would never get elsewhere in addition to educating them and preparing each other for success.


bullhornWe’re warning you from the Rooftops! Beware of Shysty Publishers!

However, the message seems to be falling on death ears as I continue to see overly used platforms such as FB, Twitter, and quite a few more which does have its plus value as you may have ran across this post there.
Aside from the obvious, what continues to vex me the most is the Facebook publishers who continue to signup new authors on their rosters knowing they have no effective way of promoting them outside of FB, Twitter, Goodreads (essentially Amazon) and maybe a few other basic or generic platforms that are of little to no use.

I continually watch a different batch of new authors who are beaming with pride as they sign away their hard earned profits to these snakes in a barrel who continually take advantage of unwary individuals who have limited knowledge of the industry.

Being an author is not about sales rank, or how many books you sold in a month, etc., because there are books that were written in the early 18 and 1900’s that are currently being made into movies such as Lord of the Rings, and The Count of Montecristo just to name a few; albeit the authors of these works are long dead. Books will go up and down in rankings, sales, and such… Take a movie for example, no one is rushing to go see Independence with Will Smith nowadays. However, Will Smith is still is a great actor, and when he began he was not the highest paid in his craft. But with perseverance and hard work he worked his way to the top just as many authors are now doing. He essentially established himself over time.

Many of you are not. You are signing with shysters for the sake of quick popularity. But my question remains, At what Price?

Simply put, publishing a book nowadays with a great video can easily be done under a 100 dollars with the proper know how which is no secret either. It’s only hidden for the impatient, and ignorant.

My Advice To You

Authors, my personal advice to you who are signing or have signed bogus contracts essentially giving up half or more of your intellectual property to someone who probably isn’t even investing over 150 dollars is absolutely ridiculous. Read your contracts! Think carefully before you sign. Save yourselves! Stop signing with companies who won’t even invest a few hundred dollars to build their own websites… Free Wix…are you kidding me? Every business man knows that it takes money to make money! free is good but nine times out of ten it will not make you a success. You are a product and your publishing company must be willing to invest in you in order for you to succeed. Period, end of story!

If you are in a bogus contract you need to find an out!

The sad part is while the shysters are on FB posting pics of themselves throwing Yacht parties, cookouts, promoting new plays, or eating nasty ass shrimp and grits and then some… what the hell are you getting out of all this?

Seventeen d**n cents, a cheeseburger, or a few hundred dollars, while you slave away at your next book while they party. Because I see many of you posting on the social sites day in and day out like there is no tomorrow. Your best promotional advice to your authors is to be cheap as hell and post on FB! Get that money for me, while I eat nasty ass shrimp and grits.

Many authors are broke, and it’s not that your work isn’t great, or acceptable. It’s because many of you have been had by the Ponzi schemes played out by someone who has a few connections that you currently don’t.

Anyway, do your check list before signing your life away.

  1. Can my publisher be found outside of FB, contacted otherwise, and responds properly to requests, inquisitions, etc..?
  2. How does my publisher project sales for your book?
  3. Is my publisher copyrighting my intellectual property?
  4. Does the publisher have a legitimate website, advertise on the radio, have a promotional team, Editing staff, book-formatting, graphic designers, or even an ad budget?
  5. Does my publishing company host affairs, does book signings, or even have an official roster of employees (authors, and staff)?
  6. How does my publisher track sales, distribute paperbacks, or pay their employees, verify book sales, seek paid reviews, pay taxes, run promotions, understand rankings, SEO, ISBN numbers, Library of Congress Control numbers, Meta Data, etc.


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